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If you want me sing this to me, oh boy anything by Maxwell that’s pretty much me : )


Well not really, but it was one I really really enjoyed and I recommend anyone to watch, even it’s just to see the gorgeous Audrey Tautou! Yum ; )



Why is this guy so amazing, I don’t know but all I know is I can’t get enough!!!! Thank you London…!



I went on a shopping spree in the West end of London today ( well not really). I bought one item from Benefit, I was being tempted by the shop assistant to buy more, but I stuck to my gun and only bought the item I came for.. I am not really one for shopping I am an in and out kind of girl, I know I wantI get it then I am out, see ya!

I just had to rant about my experience at MAC, why oh why are the people who work there consistently rude and unhelpful. Like seriously lady why are you giving me the evils. I asked for advice on my eyebrows, she replied with a stern face, rude tone just an all out bad attitude. I was planing to get a eyeshadow but I couldn’t bare to be in there much longer. As I was walking down Carnaby Street towards Oxford Circus I saw the wonderous Benefit sign and remember the item I wanted to buy a while ago. I took a stroll to the shop as soon as I walk in for one the lightening and the ambience of Benefit is so much nicer than Mac. And as I walk in I am greeted with smiles and a very helpful assistant not the kind where your like, piss off  you overly
cheerful twat, it was completely bearable and welcoming. She helped me with any questions I had even the other assistant got involved without prompting, it was a lovely experience.

Maybe my age is showing but in all honesty I am really not one for a overly helpful assistant and I need them to be smiling I just don’t like overly rude assistant..

Oh well, it’s lucky I do I have a choice and I don’t choose Mac…

Lovely city London

Serious Girl Crush!!

I don’t know who she is but all I know is she is V.HOT!

I just love the way everything about her contradicts the other, from her cute innocent face to her neck covered tattoos are so hot! My kind of chick, not playing it by the rules!

Quote of day:



” The liberal illusion that socio-economic success only depends on the goodwill and effort  of the  individual is an ideological trap which diverts attention from the true cause of inequality.” V Stoclke.


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